Teebollz Security Services

Here at Teebollz Security Services we fully appreciate that when you are selecting a security supplier, you need complete confidence that the chosen company will not only match your requirements and maintain the highest service levels. This is why we place such importance on building close relationships with our clients in order to carry out comprehensive needs assessment from each venue.

We provide security services following this procedures
  • Free initial consultation and assessment
  • Complete facilities inspection
  • Environmental security risk assessment
  • Intensive client consultation
  • Detailed analysis of security needs
Typical service we provide can be split into four areas
  • Issuing passes
  • Recording visitor details
  • Checking Identification
  • Searching barriers and people
  • Monitoring
  • Barrier Operation
  • Locking and Unlocking
  • Retail Security
  • Reception Duty
  • Setting and Isolating Alarms
  • Challenging Suspicious People
  • Checking Equipment
  • Detection of illegal substance abuse.
  • Checking Identification
  • Detection of improvised explosive devices
  • Providing first aid
  • Testing fire alarms.

  • Site evacuation

  • Mobile patrols to visit your premises on a regular schedule out of your working hours.

Covered in our mobile patrols we can also provide:

  • Lockup: we will secure your premises after the close of business

  • Alarm response

  • Night supervision of static guards

  • Key-holding, we will attend the call but have to have a member of staff accompany us into the premises

  • We can supply guards for your site giving you 24 hour protection

  • Security Guard

  • Key Holding & Alarm response

  • Mobile Patrols

  • Store Detectives

  • Surveillance

  • Emergency Response

  • Manned Guarding

  • Events Security

  • Retail Security

  • Ward House Security

  • Construction Site Security

  • Office Block Security

  • Subcontract Guards