Our Recruitment Process

  • 1. Receiving Application
  • 2. Sorting and Screening
  • 3. Interview
  • 4. Training
  • 5. Assessment
  • 6. Profile Development
  • 7. Offer
  • 8. Candidate Hired

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1. Receivng Application

At this stage, applications of interested candidates are retrieved from online publications and adverts.

2. Sorting and Screening

This is where applications are sorted and screened in order to pick the right candidate well presented for job offers.

3. Interview

This is where candidates are being interviewed to see if they are suitable for the job they applied for.

4. Training

Candidates are retrained in order to make sure that they are well grounded for the job applied for.

5. Assessment

Candidates writes a test prior to the trainings received and are evaluated over  100% for each course they were trained on. You will have to score over 80% over all to pass and a certificate is awarded before you can proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process.

6. Profile development

Candidate profile is developed prior to the type of training done and job offer.

7. Offer

Candidate is offered to the client based on job suitability and appropriateness.

8. Candidate hired

Candidate and client agrees on job offer. Candidate is hired.